I admit that my lack of posts have been due to the general busyness of life, trying to get projects done and busy working. I don’t even have time to make clothes let alone clothes posts. Despite the craziness, it is always good to have a little fun. Thank goodness that it is mid session break at uni, so I can sort get away with having some fun. As a result, I spontaneously decided to join my friends to watch MGMT in concert. I have been a fan of their music on Oracular Spectacular but listening to their stuff on their upcoming album Congratulations, I figured it would be too mellow to jump and bounce of the walls.

This is probably the best shot I could get all night. I blame the bad camera on my phone.

Andrew in his singing glory. I have to admit from my point of view Andrew looks like Matt Corby but when I Googled him, he so doesn’t. However, when I asked my friend afterwards she thought the same thing!

Ben on the keyboard. I was definitely digging the geeky chic musician look.

Overall, I thought the performance was ok…i mean everyone went totally nuts for Electric Feel, Kids and Time to Pretend which wasn’t surprising as I was into it as well 🙂 It was so hectic that there were like a fight happening right in front of my friend and I, between this drunk girl and this asian guy, so completely random. Another almost highlight was when they were playing Kids at the end, I was like seconds away from grabbing a drumstick that was thrown into the crowd which found its way between my shoes but in the scuffle, I lost it. So sad. But my friend was able to grab a copy of the setlist, which some sticky stuff to which she thought was chewing gum but it turned out to be duct tape. Phew.

In my boredom on the train…i decided to randomly draw Andrew with his guitar to practice my drawing skills. My scanner isn’t working so I might post it another time….hopefully tomorrow.



It has definitely been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy with juggling university studies and work that I often can’t think straight or often have time to be productive in my relaxation because I just spend the time procrastinating and watching tv. Bad tv…not good tv. However, after completing one of my design briefs, I definitely want to try and do more drawing. Especially on a daily basis. Particularly as I look at art books of pen drawings and I’m amazed at their creative work.

My brief involved drawing portraits of my drawing partner,and objects that represented her and her environment. All using a single drawing line. So no taking the pencil of the page. It has been several years since I have draw artistically and most of my design sketches for my clothes are really rough. Nevertheless, I thought that I should show you some of my recent stuff that I have liked. The main reason is the sensation I get from connecting with the pen and allowing it to naturally flow from your head, to your hand and onto the paper. Particular with the first drawing.

I was really drawn to her hands, bag and her shirts because they are objects that represent her and I’m intimidated by the inaccuracy that you can get from drawing a face. Let me know what you think, or if I could see extra side work as an sketch artist.Haha… They are all done in pencil but after seeing the amazing works of other students, I am definitely drawn to the idea of the black felt tip pen.

Scoping outside Sydney in my dreams: The Snow

Usually when I think of snow, I think of cold wet feet and a chill that reaches into the bones of your body such that you don’t want to get out of the house. However, lately even though the weather is definitely getting colder, I seem to be craving for the fun and the magic in snow. Perhaps it is because when I hear of the tales of various friends’ current snowboarding experiences, I think I would be jealous. Running around, feeling carefree in the snow. Now I’m reminded of a crazy night at the Diag making snow angels and a snow man before my travels on my way home. I think I should learn how to snowboard. After all, Shaun White is definitely making the sport look extra cool.

DIY: Breaking the Beige

Since my dad decided to change the floors of the entire house from carpet to wood panelling, it could be seen as a good opportunity to redesign/ reorganise my room. However, considering that it meant moving my accumulated crap around and actually be more physically organised. Yet, in discovering in amongst this crap was this two items: a beige tank top and a beige skirt that did not fit me anymore with a stain down the bottom. Instead of throwing it away to the charity bin as normal, I thought of recycling my clothes into something I would want to wear.

My original idea was add collars to the top and create a interesting sculpted dress, using the left over plaid fabric I picked up from Reverse Garbage that I used to make my friend’s ties. So a collar design like the above.

However, in creating the collars, the plaid print seem to overwhelm the outfit so in the end, I changed the result by changing the collars and hand stiching in the sculptured skirt, to create this:

These are the end results. I don’t know what you guys think but I kinda think it is a cute dress. The beige colour allows me to get away with the smart casualness of the skirt (if I covered it with a work shirt. I wish that I could make the skirt more destructed and bubble shaped but considering if I were to wear it practically, too much bubble might be too much. There is clearly a mistake with the zipper which I am trying to improve upon as zippers are harder to sew and my inaccuracy of my cutting. Lesson Learned: try to measure more accurate before cutting because once you cut, there is no going back. I tried modelling the outfit, as shown above. Do you think it looks masculine in terms of the colour and colour? Or just a pretty feminine dress?

Scoping Sydney: Toms n Toms

So today it is the first day of autumn and what a way it shows with heavy rainfall and a cold breeze that rip through my body that it almost feels like winter. It is then moments likes these that the quickest way to warm up with be with a cup of coffee. However, I am not the biggest fan of coffee as I find coffee to be too bitter, hence my usual alternatives would be a chai latte or a mocha. Until I discovered a drink at Tom n Toms coffee house that I thought best combined the nature of coffee with something else that I have grown to love.

Tom n Toms Green tea lattes! I discovered this coffee shop just random walking towards Darling Harbour on Bathurst street after memerising of the water fountain structure of the Lumiere apartments. Ever since I walked in and saw that they had a green tea latte, I knew I had to try it. Whilst it may be formed using powdered green tea, I think it seems to remininse with Japan as the green tea reminds me of seaweed and nori sheets, but in a good way.

Then I discovered that Tom n Toms was like the Korean version of Starbucks. It is as it has the same types of drinks as Starbucks (I tasted both the green tea latte at Starbucks and Tom n Toms), but with the funny English and the strange Korean pastries and pretzels. One of them was like a fried bread dough but really big as thought it was the size of a medium sized plate. I’m probably over exaggerating but if I ever wanted to find a cheaper alternative to Starbucks Coffee, I know where to go.

Tom n Toms Coffee

97 Bathhurst Street, Sydney

PS I had a cute drawing of my attempt to draw perspective but I can’t find it at the moment. Hopefully I can find it soon and then post it up.

Jury Duty+Fashion

When I was called to be part of jury duty, I admit that like others as demonstrated in the video we were made to watch about jury duty…it would seem like a hassle because it disrupts the routine of your life. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to go and experience it in the hope that I don’t get chosen into the trial.

Thinking my perception of what to wear…my immediate thoughts go to television references since that is the only time I’ve experience ‘being’ in a courtroom. Whether it was for shows like Law and Order and Sex and the City, I couldn’t help that I have to wear some form of corporate look but with a twist like this:

As a result, I did wear a corporate look, with my self made black jacket, a corporate looking Forever 21 dress and nude Siren pumps.

That is…until I arrive there and realised that you were able wear whatever you wanted. There were people in suits and people in really casual clothes. So it was probably a good thing that I prepared myself and brought sandals, to which I was gladfully able to change into.

Going into jury duty is like a waiting game. To keep myself occupied I read Shop til you drop and did some drawing, as well as watch this compulsory dvd about my role as a juror for jury duty. Besides getting your attendance marked off (to avoid getting a hefty fine), you learn about your responsibilities as jurors and learn about the different protocols that are involved in the system. It kinda of makes being part of the legal system seem interesting, as though we are representatives of justice. Nevertheless, since I’m trialing out uni next week, I was excused for a trial. However, I’m sure I will get called soon to which then I might get to experience a real trial.

Scoping Sydney: Spring Awakening photo story

Ever since I heard about the musical/ play “Spring Awakening”, I have always wanted to go see it because of the impact that it was making to all of its audiences. Seen as Rent for teenagers, its rock influences and how it portrays issues of sex and sticking it to the man, it made Spring Awakening appealing especially for a Rent fan as myself. When I first watched it at the Eugene O’ Neill theatre in New York City, I was struck by the powerful voices of the actors particularly that of Hunter Parrish, who was playing the character of Melchoir. It was even more poignant to watch at the time because it was going to leave Broadway in the next couple of weeks. To this, I thought I would never see it again. Until I discovered at a poster whilst I was watching another play that it was showing in Sydney. . as such in order to capture the power of being independent in a different city and enjoying art, watching this would hopefully recapture that feeling.

So this is my story towards watching Spring Awakening in Sydney…

Looking out from the train window..waiting in anticipation for dinner and the musical…

No I’m sleeping…in fact I’m watching the H&M podcast for Sonia Rykiel

Eventually my friend and I get to the Sydney Theatre and watch the show..

Spring Awakening photos from the Australia website

Coming in the theatre, we were able to get good seats and see the entire stage which I thought was nice to see the entire cast and story unfold. Overall, in comparison to the American version, there were some good things and bad. I felt that the use of the set design with the wooden fort was fantastic and it helped created different scenes with the use of this one prop. Similarly I loved the lighting as it helped with the mood of the characters, from the brightness of happier oblivious time to the dark serious sad searching moments. The new choreography and the new use of the chairs provided a different twist. Also, whether its because I’m stuck in “American” ways, I thought that the songs didn’t quite hit the spot in comparison but Clare Bowen did a good intepretation as Wendla. I think Andrew Hazzard did look like Hunter Parrish at times, but I think Hunter display a more emotional performance. Overall, I thought it was a good performance to relive memories.

Wearing pink DIY skirt, customised Carla Zampatti top, Events blazer and Country Road heels.

What do you guys think of the haircut? Too short?