Turning trash into treasure (well sort of!)

I am one of those people that tries not to waste things. Whilst for many that might include saving money, for me it also includes into textiles. Incidentally I have a massive bag of scraps that I keep in the hopes of matching patchwork things. So in preparations for my family’s travels to Hong Kong and China, when my dad wanted me to put my sewing skills to use I figured that the scraps would be useful in making some travel money purses/ satchel.  In order to make this, I would take these scraps as well as save some money.

Here are some images of the final product (I’m not game enough to show you my ugly bag of scraps…hmmm maybe that could be another project):

So I made two travel satchels, one out of calico with an electric blue cotton lining and the other was with a printed cotton of a combi van with two other types of fabric lining. Both of these satchels have two different pockets, one attached with a zipper and one with a button. The zipper is to hold the travel money and credit cards, whilst the button pocket is big enough to hold your passport. You simply tie the strap through the side loop and tie around the waist. I personally love the combi van one out of the two. The print combi van is originally from a kid’s t-shirt, and I love the analogy of the combi van, because it brings out the sense of travel and adventure. I hope that when you look at these, it also brings out your sense of adventure. If you guys ever need me to make one, let me know! It will definitely improve my sewing skills.

What do you guys think?


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