Recent Inspirations- Thoughts on Life and Death

I’d thought I’d share some recent inspirations on mine, even if it is to personally document. The first one I found over a week ago, after aimless looking up Jon Foreman, who is the lead singer of the band Switchfoot. These are the cover arts of his 4 EPs: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer as part of his personal solo project. The second image is of Sarah Cameron Leibovitz, Annie Leibovitz’s daughter as part of her photography exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The reasons behind the fact that they are both captivating to me is because of their exploration for life and death, and their subsequent personal intepretation. With Foreman, listening to the compilation of these EPs in Limbs and Branches, it is really interesting how his songs make you really think as opposed to much music that is driven by a good beat.
I think it is really beautiful when you listen to a song like The House of God, Forever (which is a nice intepretation of Psalms 22) or Learning How to Die and notice how the lyrics emphasise the peace and pain that comes in the complications of life, that often try to place life in perspective especially when it comes to issues like suicide. For Foreman, even his cover art demonstrates this in the cycle of life, with the seasons of the year, from the bleakness of the winter to the joys of the summer. I guess for me, it is just emotionally striking in a musical way.
Similarly for Lebovitz’s work, looking into the eyes of her daughter, it reveals this sense of potential in life…some form of curiosity that immediate draw the viewer in. How does Lebovitz’s exhibit connect with Jon Foreman on life and death to me? As a photographer, she is able to document some many things and yet capture the sense of emotion of that moment. I was intrigued by the celebrity shots of course, but also the ones wear she was a war photographer in Sarajevo, with blood splattered walls and even her personal photographs shows the creativity that can be documented in photography. I guess it just seems intriguing on the issue of death and how once reacts or deals with this issue. I guess I wish that one day I can make clothes, accessories or art, that make people think about deeper and meaning issues beyond its visual striking appearance. Who knows…

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