Making frugal food- Enchiladas

One of the most common ways that I find that people cut down on their spending as well as be creative is in their cooking. The immense popularity of shows like Masterchef, and the demand for celebrity chef cookbooks show that there is something special about making food from the heart. So faced with a lazy afternoon of trying yet again at my sewing projects, I decided to distract myself and make some food. Since I bought an enchilada kit weeks ago, I figured that there would be no better moment than to try it out. Having never had an enchilada before, it still invigorated my interest in Mexican food. I still ponder of those days sitting inside Chipotle at Briarwood Mall eating another burrito. Or sitting on Venice Beach contemplating going my journey home with a fish taco. I guess Mexican food and I have a lot of memories.
I was trying to create different angles in my shots, because my friend once told me that it would help improve my photography shots as well as form an interesting perspective from the usual point and shoot shots. Thoughts?

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