New Year, New Start

Looking in hindsight, 2010 has been a tough one, filled with its highs and lows. As a result, the question of my future is forgotten because one somehow gets emotionally and mentally caught up in the here and now. Nevertheless, it is strange enough that WordPress sends me an email encouraging me to once again blog. Reading the statistics, and hearing the responses from everyone has brought hope into my work and help me think of 2011 as a fresh start.

To look towards the future with positivity and pick up this blog with I had left behind. I hope that this year will be provide opportunity to demonstrate my design abilities and share it to the world. So please, keep an eye here and I’ll try and post my recent projects and things that I am working on.

I’ll leave you with an image of one of my recent design works. It was supposed to exotopic demonstrate of a pair of peonies, but in taking photos for my presentation, I fell in love with the contrast of the harsh colour of the black background with the delicate balsa wood peonies. It isn’t even glued together.I hope you like it!

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