Design Project: Trees + Point, Line, Plane

It has been a long time since I have posted. I guess it has been due to my life being really busy with uni and hanging out with friends that making creative projects just seem to fall by the wayside. Even now, sometimes I feel as though that general procrastination wins over because it is easier. The difficulties of being a committed blogger. However, I thought I would display one of my projects that I have been pleased with and hopefully indicates the path of being a designer.

Fact about me: every since I was in year 8, I have always had a lingering fascination with trees. I blame my visual art teacher, who made us study trees and waves as part of the art topic. Every since then, I have always thought trees are beautiful. Lying underneath them staring through the cracks that are made between the branches and the leaves, exploring its surface from touching the bark, trees seem to provide some form of protection and cover from the busyness of the world. I was probably influenced by the Giving Tree from Shel Silverstein.

Forward to now, where I had to create a 2D and 3D project demonstrating point, line, plane project for Studio 1. I found my inspiration from this photograph of this above tree. I was drawn to the colours of red flowers of the tree and the bright contrast of the blue sky. So here is my final project completed.

Hopefully this would demonstrate the basic design theory of point, line and plane. It was kind of fun getting my hands into sewing textiles again.

My favourite part of the project is this tree. It is made from copper wire and then painted with red acrylic paint to match the red thread. I think my tutor like this part the best because of the intricate nature of the wire demonstrating the concept of line.

Let me know what you think. I thought it was fun project overall. I have since made a tote bag out of the point, line, plane project which I hopefully can use even more in the future.

Til another time, ciao!


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