I admit that my lack of posts have been due to the general busyness of life, trying to get projects done and busy working. I don’t even have time to make clothes let alone clothes posts. Despite the craziness, it is always good to have a little fun. Thank goodness that it is mid session break at uni, so I can sort get away with having some fun. As a result, I spontaneously decided to join my friends to watch MGMT in concert. I have been a fan of their music on Oracular Spectacular but listening to their stuff on their upcoming album Congratulations, I figured it would be too mellow to jump and bounce of the walls.

This is probably the best shot I could get all night. I blame the bad camera on my phone.

Andrew in his singing glory. I have to admit from my point of view Andrew looks like Matt Corby but when I Googled him, he so doesn’t. However, when I asked my friend afterwards she thought the same thing!

Ben on the keyboard. I was definitely digging the geeky chic musician look.

Overall, I thought the performance was ok…i mean everyone went totally nuts for Electric Feel, Kids and Time to Pretend which wasn’t surprising as I was into it as well 🙂 It was so hectic that there were like a fight happening right in front of my friend and I, between this drunk girl and this asian guy, so completely random. Another almost highlight was when they were playing Kids at the end, I was like seconds away from grabbing a drumstick that was thrown into the crowd which found its way between my shoes but in the scuffle, I lost it. So sad. But my friend was able to grab a copy of the setlist, which some sticky stuff to which she thought was chewing gum but it turned out to be duct tape. Phew.

In my boredom on the train…i decided to randomly draw Andrew with his guitar to practice my drawing skills. My scanner isn’t working so I might post it another time….hopefully tomorrow.


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