It has definitely been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy with juggling university studies and work that I often can’t think straight or often have time to be productive in my relaxation because I just spend the time procrastinating and watching tv. Bad tv…not good tv. However, after completing one of my design briefs, I definitely want to try and do more drawing. Especially on a daily basis. Particularly as I look at art books of pen drawings and I’m amazed at their creative work.

My brief involved drawing portraits of my drawing partner,and objects that represented her and her environment. All using a single drawing line. So no taking the pencil of the page. It has been several years since I have draw artistically and most of my design sketches for my clothes are really rough. Nevertheless, I thought that I should show you some of my recent stuff that I have liked. The main reason is the sensation I get from connecting with the pen and allowing it to naturally flow from your head, to your hand and onto the paper. Particular with the first drawing.

I was really drawn to her hands, bag and her shirts because they are objects that represent her and I’m intimidated by the inaccuracy that you can get from drawing a face. Let me know what you think, or if I could see extra side work as an sketch artist.Haha… They are all done in pencil but after seeing the amazing works of other students, I am definitely drawn to the idea of the black felt tip pen.


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