DIY: Breaking the Beige

Since my dad decided to change the floors of the entire house from carpet to wood panelling, it could be seen as a good opportunity to redesign/ reorganise my room. However, considering that it meant moving my accumulated crap around and actually be more physically organised. Yet, in discovering in amongst this crap was this two items: a beige tank top and a beige skirt that did not fit me anymore with a stain down the bottom. Instead of throwing it away to the charity bin as normal, I thought of recycling my clothes into something I would want to wear.

My original idea was add collars to the top and create a interesting sculpted dress, using the left over plaid fabric I picked up from Reverse Garbage that I used to make my friend’s ties. So a collar design like the above.

However, in creating the collars, the plaid print seem to overwhelm the outfit so in the end, I changed the result by changing the collars and hand stiching in the sculptured skirt, to create this:

These are the end results. I don’t know what you guys think but I kinda think it is a cute dress. The beige colour allows me to get away with the smart casualness of the skirt (if I covered it with a work shirt. I wish that I could make the skirt more destructed and bubble shaped but considering if I were to wear it practically, too much bubble might be too much. There is clearly a mistake with the zipper which I am trying to improve upon as zippers are harder to sew and my inaccuracy of my cutting. Lesson Learned: try to measure more accurate before cutting because once you cut, there is no going back. I tried modelling the outfit, as shown above. Do you think it looks masculine in terms of the colour and colour? Or just a pretty feminine dress?


2 responses to “DIY: Breaking the Beige

  1. I think it would’ve looked better if the dress was broken up with light denim rather than small plaid?
    Couldn’t really see what was done with the rest of the dress coz it was laid down on the floor!

    • Hey Pauline,
      thanks for the reply…I might consider your offer…but I think see I have any left over denim fabric?
      How id your design course going? Making any fabulous clothes yet?

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