Scoping Sydney: Toms n Toms

So today it is the first day of autumn and what a way it shows with heavy rainfall and a cold breeze that rip through my body that it almost feels like winter. It is then moments likes these that the quickest way to warm up with be with a cup of coffee. However, I am not the biggest fan of coffee as I find coffee to be too bitter, hence my usual alternatives would be a chai latte or a mocha. Until I discovered a drink at Tom n Toms coffee house that I thought best combined the nature of coffee with something else that I have grown to love.

Tom n Toms Green tea lattes! I discovered this coffee shop just random walking towards Darling Harbour on Bathurst street after memerising of the water fountain structure of the Lumiere apartments. Ever since I walked in and saw that they had a green tea latte, I knew I had to try it. Whilst it may be formed using powdered green tea, I think it seems to remininse with Japan as the green tea reminds me of seaweed and nori sheets, but in a good way.

Then I discovered that Tom n Toms was like the Korean version of Starbucks. It is as it has the same types of drinks as Starbucks (I tasted both the green tea latte at Starbucks and Tom n Toms), but with the funny English and the strange Korean pastries and pretzels. One of them was like a fried bread dough but really big as thought it was the size of a medium sized plate. I’m probably over exaggerating but if I ever wanted to find a cheaper alternative to Starbucks Coffee, I know where to go.

Tom n Toms Coffee

97 Bathhurst Street, Sydney

PS I had a cute drawing of my attempt to draw perspective but I can’t find it at the moment. Hopefully I can find it soon and then post it up.


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