Jury Duty+Fashion

When I was called to be part of jury duty, I admit that like others as demonstrated in the video we were made to watch about jury duty…it would seem like a hassle because it disrupts the routine of your life. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to go and experience it in the hope that I don’t get chosen into the trial.

Thinking my perception of what to wear…my immediate thoughts go to television references since that is the only time I’ve experience ‘being’ in a courtroom. Whether it was for shows like Law and Order and Sex and the City, I couldn’t help that I have to wear some form of corporate look but with a twist like this:

As a result, I did wear a corporate look, with my self made black jacket, a corporate looking Forever 21 dress and nude Siren pumps.

That is…until I arrive there and realised that you were able wear whatever you wanted. There were people in suits and people in really casual clothes. So it was probably a good thing that I prepared myself and brought sandals, to which I was gladfully able to change into.

Going into jury duty is like a waiting game. To keep myself occupied I read Shop til you drop and did some drawing, as well as watch this compulsory dvd about my role as a juror for jury duty. Besides getting your attendance marked off (to avoid getting a hefty fine), you learn about your responsibilities as jurors and learn about the different protocols that are involved in the system. It kinda of makes being part of the legal system seem interesting, as though we are representatives of justice. Nevertheless, since I’m trialing out uni next week, I was excused for a trial. However, I’m sure I will get called soon to which then I might get to experience a real trial.


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