Scoping Sydney: Spring Awakening photo story

Ever since I heard about the musical/ play “Spring Awakening”, I have always wanted to go see it because of the impact that it was making to all of its audiences. Seen as Rent for teenagers, its rock influences and how it portrays issues of sex and sticking it to the man, it made Spring Awakening appealing especially for a Rent fan as myself. When I first watched it at the Eugene O’ Neill theatre in New York City, I was struck by the powerful voices of the actors particularly that of Hunter Parrish, who was playing the character of Melchoir. It was even more poignant to watch at the time because it was going to leave Broadway in the next couple of weeks. To this, I thought I would never see it again. Until I discovered at a poster whilst I was watching another play that it was showing in Sydney. . as such in order to capture the power of being independent in a different city and enjoying art, watching this would hopefully recapture that feeling.

So this is my story towards watching Spring Awakening in Sydney…

Looking out from the train window..waiting in anticipation for dinner and the musical…

No I’m sleeping…in fact I’m watching the H&M podcast for Sonia Rykiel

Eventually my friend and I get to the Sydney Theatre and watch the show..

Spring Awakening photos from the Australia website

Coming in the theatre, we were able to get good seats and see the entire stage which I thought was nice to see the entire cast and story unfold. Overall, in comparison to the American version, there were some good things and bad. I felt that the use of the set design with the wooden fort was fantastic and it helped created different scenes with the use of this one prop. Similarly I loved the lighting as it helped with the mood of the characters, from the brightness of happier oblivious time to the dark serious sad searching moments. The new choreography and the new use of the chairs provided a different twist. Also, whether its because I’m stuck in “American” ways, I thought that the songs didn’t quite hit the spot in comparison but Clare Bowen did a good intepretation as Wendla. I think Andrew Hazzard did look like Hunter Parrish at times, but I think Hunter display a more emotional performance. Overall, I thought it was a good performance to relive memories.

Wearing pink DIY skirt, customised Carla Zampatti top, Events blazer and Country Road heels.

What do you guys think of the haircut? Too short?


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