Reading and Researching: Tackling fashion textbooks

Do you guys ever find that your brain prepares itself to fall asleep when faced with tedious task? It is as though the brain is seeking attention, something exciting. Well…maybe it is the way my brain approaches reading. If I am reading a novel, I often get so engrossed that time passes me by without knowing it and too fascinated to care. However, when it comes to textbooks, my brain simply finds it difficult to concentrate as though it knows that it is studying and I have to remember and retain this information. Even when it is fashion textbooks, unless there is pretty pictures, all the information is hard to retain. Perhaps it is just three-thirty-itis and the fact that I’m researching on the business of fashion. Mary Gelhar’s “The Fashion Designer Survival Guide”, lots of information about starting a business and what is required financially. No wonder it is generally said that you can only retain 5% of information from reading. Hopefully I will make further progress over time.


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