Scoping Sydney: Tempe Tip + Newtown

It has been a while since I have been to a tip of some kind. It happened when I was a child around 7 or 8. Scrummaging in the dirt and garbage to find some strange item ranging from  a used cassette tape to adiscarded tin box. Back then, searching through the garbage at the tip near the back of my old house was always an adventure with my dad as my dad like to recycle material found from the tip and it was seemed unusual at the time. So when I discovered the infamous Tempe Tip, I was excited for the bargains I could find. Unlike the garbage tip near my old house, the Tempe Tip is actually not a tip but rather a large Salvos distribution centre, heard by others as a great place to find bargain second hand clothes and items because of its size and volume of stuff. I had always passed it which driving around Sydneham and finally this was my chance to go.

On inspection, it wasn’t as exciting as I hope it to be. Due to the sudden popularity of op-shopping, whether it is caused by the global financial crisis or the trend that is retro and vintage, the prices there weren’t as cheap as my local op-shop where I could find a great bargain. All I ended up buying was a plain black t-shirt and a cute glomesh purse, but I was immediately fascinated by the gigantic industry fan that circulated the tip. Probably around 3-4 metres in diameter, it looked fascinating to me such that I want to share. Let me know if you have ever seen something like this ever.

The Giant Fan in Action.

To cap this post off, just an interesting monument/ pole that I saw in Newtown.

Great place to shop. Not so good for the wallet.


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