T-shirt recon: Party Dress

When I saw this XXL purple plaid business shirt at my local op-shop, I admit I was drawn to it by the Gap label. I guess I was missing American branded clothing as for me, American branded clothing seems to reflected better quality even if it is made in China. I guess the quality from the clothes I have purchased overseas seem to fair better than the clothes I buy here. Anyways, using this shirt as my material I had already thought of ideas to make a simple asymmetrical dress with pleats. However, in seeing this cute Portmans skirt on sale, I thought I would model the dress in that similar style but at the same time use the shirt to create an simple architectural perspective. In trying make the dress, here is the result from turning that idea around and creating this dress to fit for my friend’s wedding.

End result: it was a little short compared to the other dresses worn by other attendants but I still think it is cute for other occasions. Hopefully another party or fancy occasion occurs such that I can wear it again.

Favourite part: the sleeves. In using the collar and pleating fabric from the sleeves, I made this cute pleating sleeve that also looked structured and hopefully with an architecture appearance. However it might not. It depends on what you think.

Hopefully I will show you some more T-shirt reconstructions and show what else you can make with recycled button shirt or plain t-shirts.


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