Fashion Portfolio

When I discovered towards the end of October that I was being interviewed for a spot to study Fashion Design at UTS, I was excited but also confused because I have never done a fashion portfolio before. I mean, my fashion illustration skills were barely there because I prefer drawing the garments without the figures of the models. I have always found it difficult to draw people, they aren’t like straight lines as in architectural buildings. Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to practice my drawings and sewing to try and make the 10 examples of my work. Luckily I got it done, with the help of some friends despite the fact that none of my friends were willing to model. However, it all worked out. Here are some of the portfolio pages…


2 responses to “Fashion Portfolio

  1. naitik panchal

    i want to become fashion designer so what can i do ?
    i m intrested in this field too much
    so please give me some guidence.

    • Hi Natik,
      I admit that I’m trying to find the discover the path to becoming a fashion designer myself. I mean, I guess the best thing is to pursue studies to prepare yourself for what is involved, which I am trying to apply for. If only there was a sure fire way to be a success. Let me know if you had any other questions

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