Halloween Part 2: My frugal Costume

For last year Halloween, I wanted to go as a ‘character’ such that I could still look recognisable and still keep the clothes for my own personal use. As a result, I bought some clothes for H&M, Forever21 and Target combined such that I could look like Mary Kate Olsen. Unfortunately for me, my Asian complexion didn’t help the other college students recognise me. Again this year, my attempts to appear in character probably failed…again due to my Asian complexion.


My main inspiration was Glinda from Wicked. After all, she is a witch even though she is a good witch. Whilst my main motivation was creating this costume to watch the musical, my original idea of creating Glinda’s yellow travelling dress subsequently changed into her Bubble dress costume that her character is most recognised wearing.

So in searching during the clearance section at my local op shops, these $1 white dress and the $2.50 shirt (which I had the shirt converted into a yellow dress) provided the perfect opportunity to create my costume.


End result was transforming both these items into this:

Image0326…to form this Glinda costume…


I chopped up the bottom of the white dress and made the skirt and I used blue dye to create the colour effect on both the shirt dress and the skirt. At least here I can have both clothes that I can wear again and capture Glinda’s appearance but still remain frugal…it’s just a shame that I broke the camera before I could get some decent style shots…oh well.

Favourite part of the outfit besides the skirt was my pink wand…i found in the dollar shop for $3…So cute and it lights up and make the cute sound. It constantly caught the attention of my friends at the Halloween party.




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