Halloween Part 1–The Food


Whilst it is widely recognised as an American tradition, Halloween has increasingly become a favourite holiday to celebrate. After celebrating Halloween for the first time last year, I thought celebrating Halloween here would be a great opportunity to relive those happy moments on Elm Street in Ann Arbor.

So when my friend invited me to her Halloween party, I figure it would be a good opportunity to make a costume and use my Libby’s Pumpkin Mix from the States to participate it the ghoulish fun. It was my first time making a pie so this is what happened:

I used these ingredients:


…which was the Libby’s Pumpkin mixture, Carnation Evapourated Milk, a pie shell (which turned out to be more of a flan shell), a few spices and icing sugar, black food colouring, eggs and the usual salt and sugar.

After mixing the dry spices with the wet ingredients, this is what you come up with:


However, from there it started going wrong….i blame the lack of pie making experience. The crust got burnt by accident and it made black crust. Then when I place the black coloured icing onto the pie, it was supposed to look like the above picture at first, but by the end of the night, the pie ended up looking something like this:


Sigh…at least I thought it tasted good. Better luck next time, perhaps if I try to celebrate Thanksgiving? We will see. I thought I would just finish with some images of the Halloween food that my other friends made. It looks so festive.




Black Halloween seafood pasta




One of my favourites: jelly with flies. Unfortunately for us, the spiders and the flies in these treats were inedible so in the end, it became a spitoon for flies.


I will post a picture of my costume soon! Catch you later!


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