Inspiration: Moody Parisian spy in the rain


My friend requested that I make her some skirts for her upcoming holiday. So in preparation to gain an idea of the type of designs she liked as well as preparing my sewing skills, I bought some grey cotton drill fabric. Normally, I would simply prefer getting fabric through opshops, either in the form of a oversized garment or tablecloth which could be used as fabric. Nevertheless, to make these cotton dresses, I thought I would make a simple long skirt to show giving my friend an idea of what it looked like.

The end result looked like this:


After being inspired by one of my favourite pair of oxford style loafers…


…my obsession with turning the menswear style into a feminine garment formed into this drawing.


However, I discovered that it wasn’t as nice as I liked so…

By attaching panels that had one centimetre pleats like this…


…onto both the sides and the front…


Voila! The end result is the above grey skirt/dress. Overall I thought it would still draw from its inspiration, even though it may have not been completed direct.

Some of my photos in attempting to style like a Parisian spy waiting in the rain. The grey dress to match the grey Sydney sky. With the rain the look of the image blurs as the water washes the dirt away.


blurred photo


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