Scoping Sydney: Random Images


As a Sydneysider for my whole life, sometimes I find that Sydney is not always that exciting because there isn’t always something exciting to see. Perhaps it means I should make more of an effort to explore what Sydney has to offer. Throughout the month of October, I find that there are slightly interesting things that are keeping me occupied. Besides Wicked, the Sydney International Food Festival events and the Art & About events seem to be popping up all around the city. As I was crossing through Hyde Park, I spotted these canvas photographs of different occurrences that happen around Sydney. Looking at this exhibition and walking around in the beautiful sunshine, it would be ideal to spend a day just looking at the clouds and simply daydreaming away. These are my images that I have discovered after being around in the city.





Cheap $5 Thai meal. For the city pricing standards, I thought it wasn’t too bad.


Not long before Halloween!


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