Scoping Sydney: Through the eyes of Wicked


As you can tell from the title, I finally saw Wicked the musical a few weekends back in Sydney. I had the opportunity to see the musical when I was in New York but I felt the tickets were too expensive so I watched Spring Awakening instead. Surprisingly I think the tickets were the same price in Sydney but I couldn’t forgo the experience any longer.  After seeing parts of the rendition of the musical through the Ugly Betty episode “Something Wicked this way comes”, hearing parts of Defying Gravity, I know it would be a good musical to see and the words defying gravity seems inspirational to me!

Overall, it was a good experience….it makes me appreciate the songs when I listen to original broadway cast soundtrack, but I shouldn’t make too many comparisons to Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Nevertheless, I feel in love with the costumes particularly the Shiz University uniforms and the Emerald City citizens, who were brightly green, such that even Elphaba felt like she belonged.


Here are some of screenshots of the Wicked background at the Capitol Theatre.



As soon as y0u stepped into the theatre, the setting of all things Wicked make you feel like you are in a magical place. All the walls are covered with colours of gold and green which reflects the extravagant settings within the musical. Knowingly I heard about the Wicked mocktail drink that was popular, called the Ozmopolitan, and I had to give it a try.


Unfortunately for me, there were a lot of people ordering the drink so instead of thick blue slurpee, it was more of blue liquid like mush. Nevertheless the perk behind getting the drink is that the Ozmopolitan drink is placed in this cute plastic martini glass that lights up in different colours mainly pinks and blues such that match the drink. I tried getting the picture but I think I got in trouble by the staff as it was inside the stage, despite being before the show even started.

One downer of the event was that I was planning on wearing a Glinda inspired dress for the occasion but it was too windy and rainy that day to wear so instead I just wore a basic Forever 21 top with my Acne jeans.

However, I will show you the dress I made in a later post…if only I had an occasion to wear it… Halloween party?


One response to “Scoping Sydney: Through the eyes of Wicked

  1. Hey Jenny! Oh i loved wicked too, I watched it in NYC and can’t stop playing the soundtrack!

    Haha ❤ your blog

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