Reversing Garbage into a neat bag


In one of my previous posts, I posted about my trip to Reverse Garbage, where I ended up buying a handful of junk fabrics for $5. After using some of the material to make the ties, I wanted to think a crafty way to use the other scrap material. Ever since I bought my Edith Chloe satchel from the Rozelle markets, as well as I saw latest satchels from Country Road, I have been really interested in the idea of satchels. Although I bought it for around $50, I thought it was still a bargain compared to its original price in the higher hundreds of dollars.

My interests in satchels is probably brought about by the buckles and the way they are shaped, plus it appears like an English country style as it was bound with leather.

Image0174 My Chloe Satchel

Image0101The Country Road satchels with I love.


Another cool Bottega Venetta bag that this girl found at a thift store for $3!

Kirsten- Dunst-In-Acne-Jeans-JT-7

Kirsten Dunst rocking the leather satchel look!

As I accumulated the scrap fabric, I thought it would be interesting to use my increasing bundle of metallic zippers and create a different take on the satchel to use denim to counter all the leather satchels that existed. Of course, the denim satchel is not as elegant as the leather satchel, but with summer coming up it would be a nice change towards a relaxed and casual updated accessories.

The brief design involved moulding the zippers into a curve so they act as the openings of the bag. The two panels act as a duality, making different compartments on either side of the bag. It is like putting the
pockets within a bag on the outside so that one side would be for my wallet and phone, whilst the other compartment was for miscellaneous things so easily more organise my life.

The final product:



What I find interesting about this bag is that the mixture of the plaid and the denim together with the cute purple accent fabric on the inside. I also like the leather attachments on the bag strap to add a little luxury and use scrap leather pieces. In using this combination with the zipper, I was able to make something hopefully look sophisticated and youthful at the same time.

Oh I missed my camera!


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