Scoping Sydney: Fond Memories of Michigan

If you are reading this title and thinking how the heck can this happen as Sydney and Ann Arbor, Michigan are clearly not in the same place, you will understand when you go to the Foodstar Restaurant at Bankstown RSL. When I stepped into the restaurant, images of the dining hall in East Quad and Bursley Hall creep into my mind as I am reminded of those lunches and those nights using my meal plan, swiping with my M card and eating those meals that often were memorable (even if it was a good or bad thing).


Just looking at the bar reminded me of all the different salad options that were available and trying to put balsamic vinegar on all of my spinach, mushroom and chickpea salad. It also reminds me of those times when I would hang out for dinner with friends and catch about the hecticness of all the study we had to complete and organising our lives for festive occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Obvious to any buffet, the seafood section is always the most popular in my family. Perhaps the reason lies in attempting to make the most value out a buffet. Subsequently the plates are usually filled with salmon, mussels, scallops and prawns with the occasional vegetable dish. However, it doesn’t mean that we would turn down other dishes such as Soy Chicken, Char Siu and a bok choy and tofu dish.


I’m looking at amazement and exhaustion that we could finish it all,
too much food!

Another great thing about this buffet is that after you have finished with the savoury foods, there is always the sweet stuff. Other buffets may have options like jelly and ice cream which remind you of your childhood. This buffet also includes some gourmet cakes in little pieces like:


Tiny Tiramisu and Passionfruit cheesecake!!!

There isn’t nothing like eating cute mini versions of desert.

So you can understand my reflection of Michigan dining food when you see these images, although unlike the Bankstown RSL restaurant they are not as gourmet. Nevertheless, I still miss it for the interaction and hanging out for dinner with friends on such a frequent basis.


East Quad’s Thanksgiving dinner 2008- it was probably the first time that I ate turkey from the bone and it was delicious. It was also my first time eating pumpkin pie and I have to say that I would definitely like to eat that again. If only there is a place in Sydney that celebrates Thanksgiving.


Bursley Hall- One of the not so fine dinners that I have eaten but it shows the variety that was available in the dining hall. I also demonstrates that you could have beef stew with a side of pizza, chips and salad đŸ™‚


Betsy Barbour Hall- this demonstrates that I could choose both healthy and unhealthy options at the same time. They occasionally had nice soups.

It is strange that eating at a buffet bar can bring back memories, plus I wish I had taken more dining hall photos but never mind. I will always have the memories!


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