Scoping Sydney: Bourke Street Bakery + Reverse Garbage

As like a lot of people who don’t enjoy the experience of being interviewed, one of the things I enjoy about the interview is the end because the interview is finised and all done with. Also it gives me a chance to find ways to cheer myself up afterwards by going to places that I would enjoy.

Bourke Street Bakery

After completing one of my interviews in the city, I thought that I would treat myself to check out an Incu sale at their headquarters with a friend in the heart of Surry Hills. Whilst the Incu sale was packed (as it was the first day of the sale), standing in line waiting to get inside wasn’t all that enjoyable. However, in using my people watching skills, I would see some of the Incu sales persons walking around with lovely pastries in their hands and I wonder where they were from. Then I discovered that Bourke Street Bakery was right around the corner from the Incu headquarters, which was a complete surprise as I heard rave reviews from blogs like Not Quite Nigella.

The Bakery reminds me of those cosy cafes in Montreal, where all the pastries are glistening through the window and you can sit inside enjoying coffee and pastries.



My friend trying to artistically taking a shot of me sitting inside the bakery, like as though from the perspective of a people watcher.


Two of the many desert pastries that they offer: Strawberry and Vanilla Creme Brulee Tart and the Chocolate Raspberry Tart



Creamy filling 🙂

I enjoyed both of the tarts but I have to say that as a fan of custard, the brulee tart was so scrumptious. The hard brulee top added a nice flavoursome crunch. All in all, with the Incu sale, it was a good day and hopefully I can go to the Bourke Street Bakery some time soon.

Reverse Garbage

After another supposed successful interview, being in nearby Alexandria allowed me a chance to stop by Reverse Garbage for some fabric supplies and some inspiration for birthday gifts. In discovering Reverse Garbage through some of RICE activities, it is a good place to obtain objects and supplies that help with my sewing projects and immersed in thinking creatively with garbage.


A few hours looking around through the ‘junk’, I found some jean scraps and some fabric scraps and some interesting Chanel styled chains which I thought at $1.50 each would look like fun jewellery.

Whilst I have used some of the fabric scraps to make the ties, I will show you what else I have made soon. Toodles!


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