Ties Galore!

As I was watching a recent episode of Threadbanger about incorporating ties into back to school fashion, I thought as it was my friend’s birthday coming up that creating some casual ties would be a great idea to improve my sewing skills as well as create a unique present.

Firstly, I had to recreate the tie pattern that Corinne from Threadbanger placed on her website. Printing the pattern was a task in itself as the pdf file wasn’t in A4 sheets so it involved cleverly cutting and pasting the pattern and physically molding the patterns out.


The finished product! Well…more like the finished pattern. Following from this, I would then:

  • pin the fabric onto the patterns and
  • used a piece of carbon paper and a tracing wheel to trace the pattern onto the fabric,
  • cut out the fabric and sew the outer tie parts and the lining parts


  • Then I sewed the tipping to the ends of the ties…it was a little complicated at first but it creates a nice finish to the ends of the tie.


Here I’m pinning the tipping onto the end of the tie to be sewn.

  • Then I would tuck the lining into the tie and iron it down and then hand stitch the middle parts together.


And the final product:





The graffiti on this sign seemed to remind me of my ties as it is also graphic with splashes of colour!


Let me know if you would like me to make a tie for you…even though it is a little wonky. It would be give me a chance to practice.

Catching the last minutes of 09/09/09!


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