Scoping Sydney: The Blue Mountains + Red Door Cafe

In living in a city such as Sydney, it is nice to recognise the opportunities to get out of Sydney, see the wonderful changes in scenery and check out some cool quaint shops and retreating to relaxing weekends.

A popular tourist site, the Blue Mountains was a great opportunity to get away and be surrounded in the bush filled with rocky mountain ranges and high eucalyptus trees. As the Engage conference was located in Katoomba, it is also another opportunity to hear some fantastic talks and stay in this wonderful retreating house right near the mountain cliffs.


The beginning views of the weekend from the living room window, in which we were so close to the cliff face and learn what it is really like to live in the windy mountains. It would often feel scary at night as the wind would warp the glass of this view and it would look like it was pushed by a invisible force hoping to break the window.

Some of the cute interiors from within our retreat house:




It was very Balinese/ India inspired house with these interior details. I mean how cool it is to have a novelty gong inside the house. Beside the enjoyable view, it was a nice opportunity to try and visit some local eateries and stores. However, the weather discouraged us to venture out inside so we ate indoors most of the time. Like for breakfast:


Talk about a hearty, hot and inexpensive breakfast! It is nice having a warm breakfast before heading outdoors. Even though I didn’t get a chance to venture out to see much of Katoomba like last time, eating at the Red Door Cafe in neighbouring Leura was something that I didn’t have a chance to accomplish before.



Attracted to this cafe by its red door, it makes me think of London and the mail boxes of the English post office. Particularly with the contrast of the black exterior, it makes the Red Door Cafe really apparent with interest.


GGoat Cheese and Onion Tart! I saw Maggie Beer make this on her show The Cook and the Chef and I had to try one out and see what it would taste like. Result: Very very creamy! Plus the salad with the balsamic vinegar dressing contrast it really well. Too bad it was a small helping but it wasn’t that bad of a price for $15, especially since it was probably freshly made.

Oh…I will report about other Sydney or Out of Sydney spots soon 🙂


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