Trees and T[ree]-Shirt Reconstructions



Are you one of those people that go to career events or job fairs where you mingle with the top companies to find out if they are hiring? Even though it is a gruelling task to go to talk to employees of the firm hiring to seek out the best information necessary, one of the perks that come with these job fairs are the free promotional merchandise which are often pens or notepads.

However, what do you do with those promotional t-shirts that have the company logo on the front and back? Well, instead of throwing it out, I decided to reconstruct it into something that I would wear time and time again.
So combining:


a large Optiver red shirt
scrap fabric
metallic zipper at an op-shop for 50 cents

Well, from this picture, this is not the original shirt.

From this shirt:

  • I unpicked the whole shirt into pieces and flip inside out,
  • Cut the shirt at the bust area, and inserted the grey striped fabric for the waist
  • Pleated the shirt around the bust area and skirt area
  • Insert the metallic zipper in the back
  • Sewed it back to together

This is the end result.



Then I realised that the dress could be worn as a reversible dress. As metallic zippers are becoming trendy as worn at the front, I enjoy wearing it both front and back.

I have also had an interest in trees since I was in year 10 in my art class. So I thought it would be interesting to shoot this dress behind a natural theme, just as the contrast with the hard of the bark and the soft of the leaves could meet the hard of the metallic zipper and the soft of the flowy sleeves. Plus the colours looked cool.




So if you don’t know what to do with those company t-shirts, perhaps this could be a nice option for you to try.


One response to “Trees and T[ree]-Shirt Reconstructions

  1. Very funky, looks great!

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