The September Issue and Film Festivals


In obtaining a special screening of The September Issue, courtesy of Sportsgirl’s competition, it was interesting to gain additional perspective of the behind-the-scenes involvement of the fashion magazine industry. As I myself hear about fashion magazine publishing from the point of the view of the interns or of a lower rank, whether it is through television shows like Running in Heels, to films such as The Devil wears Prada, The September Issue provides an insightful perspective upon US Vogue magazine from the people that control the magazine and their ability to demonstrate fashion shoots as an artform but being weary of advertising beautiful clothes.

As a result to watching the film, in re-reading my recent US vogue issue, I suddenly respect the amount of work that is involved in creating a monthly production. It was really interesting watching the fashion editors predict (or like create) the trends and translating these trends into a storybook photoshoot. Also watching how indepth the cameras get into the real life work situation at US Vogue demonstrate the difficulties that occur in showing what goes into the magazine.

From the film, I have respect for Grace Coddington, Vogue’s Creative Director. From fixing the shoe buckles onto the ankles of the models, to finding Anna Wintour’s weakness of finance and budgets, seeing her efforts in the magazine demonstrate her great creativity and her commitment to making fashion appear as beauty and art. As someone who has worked at Vogue for the same amount of time as Anna Wintour, she helps bring a reality to the glamour of fashion that reveals it involves a lot of hard work and tough decisions.

One of my favourite scenes as it reflects the over the top of his dress as everything he is wearing is practically Louis Vuitton. From a LV racket case to even the LV towel and captured best by the LV sweatband, shows the influences of branding but as Talley can afford this stuff, it is his fashionable perogative.

All in all, it was an insightful and enjoyable film that helps create aspirations in being in the field of fashion journalism.

Canadian Film Festival

Alongside that movie premiere, I also participated in the premiere of the Canadian Film Festival which was a good opportunity to experience more about film event management and get insight into international film festival.




I drank some Canadian Club whisky, which looked like beer and it was sweet. Apparently Matt Shirivington was there but I didn’t see him. Hopefully I will see what goes on during this week as the event finishes. ¬†Nevertheless, I have an interesting last week.


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