When life gives you hand-me-downs…make something you’d wear

As part of my desire to looking fashionable whilst looking at a limited budget, altering my clothes has allowed me style to bring out my creativity. After watching online tv shows like Threadbanger for years, it feels good being able to use some of my clothes, breathe new life into them and cut down my personal consumption of goods and recycle (plus it saves me some $$).

One item I have been lemming for the recent winter is a vest. Something about a vest looks like you are ready for snow in the woods but you are not feeling that cold. Ideally, it would be a grey woollen knitted zipper vest with a plaid interior and with faux fur collar. I did see this vest at a Rivers Outlet store but for $35 dollars, I knew that despite the vest being perfect, $35 dollars for a simple vest wasn’t worth it.

On the other hand, my mum gives me this baggy white buttoned down cardigan that I did not want to really want to wear outside. So instead I could see if I try and create a woolen like vest that is buttoned.


The original cardigan. Trust me, it had a baggy width and it looked floppy on me.

After removing all the colourful flowers + removing the sleeves + reconstructing the baggy sleeves to form a hood from copying the pattern


into this:


My attempts to stylish the vest look like Rumi aka FashionToast. I was going for the preppy/ rock chick look 🙂




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