Spotted: Interesting Blog

After hearing about this Sportsgirl Superstylist competition through the Sunday Telegraph, I was intrigue to perhap enter the competition especially if it was a way to enter the fashion industry. However, whilst browsing the Sportsgirl blog, I discover one of their intriguing posts called “The Uniform Project”. For Sheena Mathekin, her project allows to merge the realms of fashion with philanthropy shows that fashion can reflect style but also help reflect great causes to benefit society and culture. For me, I admire that she can wear the same basic outfit every day yet still make each day portray a different look through accessories and additional clothing. I mean most of us often find difficult in creating an outfit even when we have tons of clothes in our wardrobes. Yet, I sometimes find that when you are limited that it spurs on greater creativity.

My favourite outfits or “uniforms” so far are:

Being able to combine costume like clothes and making it every day wearable makes it so interesting to style fashion. I love how different these outfits as the uniform is used in different ways.

It definitely makes fashion become an art form.


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