The pain and joy of sewing recons

As someone who would like to appear stylish and fashionable whilst on a tight budget, I have found that not only have I shopped at sales and at op shops but occasionally I would try and sew some stuff together. Even though my interests in sewing start at a young age, it has often more than not ended up as a fashion disaster as the threads would unravel or something would just make it look so amateur that my mum would command me to not wear that out of the house. However, lately my clothes having been looking not so bad. Perhaps it is because of my newish Brother sewing machine. It is like my baby and my way to express my creativity.
From this useful machine, I firstly made a tier shaped skirt. After gravitating to the strong electric blue colour of skirt, I knew that I had to make it into something. I guess it brings out an 80’s vibe for street wear but I hope that it would good for going out at night to a party.
Here is the final product:

IMG_1663-polaI’m trying to manipulate my photos to make them more interesting, by using this program called Poladroid, which is like Polaroids for digital photos. I miss Polaroids and shaking the photos for the pictures. They are like magic!!!


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