My frugal trip to Katoomba

IMG_1389Being frugal, this can impact upon your ability to travel since it takes a big chunk out of your expenditure. However, when my friend invited me to come to the Blue Mountains, I figured it would be a inexpensive way to get away from Sydney. Plus it would be opportunity to hopefully grab some good op-shop stuff as I have heard people raving about cool things about going antique shopping and looking at antique things. Before shopping in Katoomba, my friends were determined for explore the Blue Mountains and the famous Three Sisters.

After arriving mid morning, we decided to walk the track that involves going down the mountain and around the mountain to the Scenic Way, a cage like train that takes you back up the mountain.


Some breath taking views and some cool shots like above from the    Three Sisters. However, it was freezing cold as it is the middle of   winter. In addition, the fact that we are on top of a mountain it was really windy so it was a good thing to be prepared with a coat, a scarf and a beanie.


I thought that this was so sweet. Couples would engrave their names on padlocks and chain the locks on the viewing fence and it seemed like a nice way to commemorate their trip there. It would be cool especially if you come back and it was still there.

After taking so many scenic photos, we decided to take hang back in Katoomba and have some lunch and FINALLY go op shopping.



This meal was so yummy…it was a gourmet lamb burger was spicy onion relish and the works. It was so big on the plate and it was so yummy especially as I’m not always the biggest fan of lamb. Whilst it was a little expensive at $15, it was really tasty and it was a great atmosphere to hide away from the Katoomba cold.

Finally, to what I was looking forward to all day, seeking out some bargain op shop finds. Despite looking through some interesting antique and op shops. I couldn’t find any bargains although there were some things I was tempted to buy.




These are some of the fantastic shots I took which are within one of the Katoomba antique stores. I mean to use vintage clothes to interpret the young graduate to actually having antique armour, I just though this place had really nice stuff but just out of my desired price range.

Image0084I mean these glow mesh bags are nice but not necessarily nice when they are around the $50 and above. Nevertheless, it was nice being able to look at these pretty things. The sad thing was that after all the effort to get into Katoomba, I left not buying anything except for a $2 pot plant from Kmart. Oh well, perhaps I may find something another time, but it was a great inexpensive scenic trip nonetheless!


2 responses to “My frugal trip to Katoomba

  1. Haha, I live in Katoomba and even as I write this it is FREEZING outside. And its September.
    I couldnt recognise any of those antique shops, but they look rad. I’ll have to look closer next time I’m in town!

    • Hi Imogen,
      Thanks for looking at my post from way back then. There are several different antique stores that are unique to Katoomba. It is great that you live there because lately I’m growing with interests in country towns like Katoomba….perhaps it is the level of hidden creativity that can be found in these places.


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