My favourite frugal purchases to date

As a part of being frugal, I have started going op shopping for clothes and accessories. I have always been into second hand stuff but only towards books and crafty toys. I guess, it is because back when I was a little girl, I was such a bookworm and going to flea markets and buying books for 10 cents was the best bargain. Often it was kids novels like The Baby Sitters Club or Nancy Drew and it would be nice having the books with me to keep as opposed to returning to the library. Flash Forward to now…I suddenly understand the appeal of op shopping for clothes. I mean buying second hand stuff allows the wearer to explore fashion history or buy something that is appealing but at a discounted price. Plus you are also helping doing your bit for the environment. Here are just some of my op shop finds:


I’m in love with this Oxford style loafer shoes. I’m waiting for my feet to heal from wearing my Peep Toe shoes that I also bought from the same op shop, but they look sophisticated to me. I guess it is the androgynous look that is currently appearing in street style and in fashion that makes these shoes wearable to men and women.


I mean how cute are these tassels!!

Another good perk about them is that they are genuine leather and that the shoes are made in Italy. So you know that they are good quality and are built to last longer. Another shoe purchase were these yellow Peep Toe shoes with their white bows which is very different to the these loafer shoes. As opposed to the sharp androgynous look of the loafers, these heels remind me of a spring or summery day with a cute flowery dress and walking in the park.


I figured for $10 it was pretty much a bargain, especially when people are raving about these shoe brand. Although having not worn my shoes in before my friend’s birthday party, my feet were killing me by the end of it, but I want to save them for another occasion preferably in warmer weather.

As a result of reading other fashion blogs, it has re-ignited my interests in other types of accessories like sunglasses and jewellery. Wearing older style sunglasses seems so interesting and I find that are cool for costume themed party.

IMG_1426The glasses are great because they have the metallic edge which make look more durable to play with. I also found this ring that looked really cool. It reminds me of nature which I like and it has branches that stick out which makes it stand out. I think they have two gemstones on either side, I think they are jade but even it is not I still think it is a cool piece of jewellery.


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