Just an update

So it is really early in the morning (since I decided to sleep early) and I figured that I would squeeze the time to do a mini post since it is long overdue. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. Currently busy doing various projects at uni, looking forward to the Easter Break but also at finishing my projects.
This is one of my projects: learning the art of lost wax casting on a ring. Now I know how jewellery at those Diva, Lovisa and other type stores are probably made. But I’m guessing they use bronze and some cheaper molten metal to inject into the cast. Anyway just a picture of my initial design…hopefully I’ll post the final result in the next few weeks.


I’ve got to find more time to work on my blog. Sigh…was hoping to add a fancy border around my images but little time these days. Plus I’m trying to find a decent camera to take better photos with…if anyone can knows of a decent cheap quality hybrid DSLR to slightly compact camera let me know? I’m willing to buy second hand.

Turning trash into treasure (well sort of!)

I am one of those people that tries not to waste things. Whilst for many that might include saving money, for me it also includes into textiles. Incidentally I have a massive bag of scraps that I keep in the hopes of matching patchwork things. So in preparations for my family’s travels to Hong Kong and China, when my dad wanted me to put my sewing skills to use I figured that the scraps would be useful in making some travel money purses/ satchel.  In order to make this, I would take these scraps as well as save some money.

Here are some images of the final product (I’m not game enough to show you my ugly bag of scraps…hmmm maybe that could be another project):

So I made two travel satchels, one out of calico with an electric blue cotton lining and the other was with a printed cotton of a combi van with two other types of fabric lining. Both of these satchels have two different pockets, one attached with a zipper and one with a button. The zipper is to hold the travel money and credit cards, whilst the button pocket is big enough to hold your passport. You simply tie the strap through the side loop and tie around the waist. I personally love the combi van one out of the two. The print combi van is originally from a kid’s t-shirt, and I love the analogy of the combi van, because it brings out the sense of travel and adventure. I hope that when you look at these, it also brings out your sense of adventure. If you guys ever need me to make one, let me know! It will definitely improve my sewing skills.

What do you guys think?

Recent Inspirations- Thoughts on Life and Death

I’d thought I’d share some recent inspirations on mine, even if it is to personally document. The first one I found over a week ago, after aimless looking up Jon Foreman, who is the lead singer of the band Switchfoot. These are the cover arts of his 4 EPs: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer as part of his personal solo project. The second image is of Sarah Cameron Leibovitz, Annie Leibovitz’s daughter as part of her photography exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The reasons behind the fact that they are both captivating to me is because of their exploration for life and death, and their subsequent personal intepretation. With Foreman, listening to the compilation of these EPs in Limbs and Branches, it is really interesting how his songs make you really think as opposed to much music that is driven by a good beat.
I think it is really beautiful when you listen to a song like The House of God, Forever (which is a nice intepretation of Psalms 22) or Learning How to Die and notice how the lyrics emphasise the peace and pain that comes in the complications of life, that often try to place life in perspective especially when it comes to issues like suicide. For Foreman, even his cover art demonstrates this in the cycle of life, with the seasons of the year, from the bleakness of the winter to the joys of the summer. I guess for me, it is just emotionally striking in a musical way.
Similarly for Lebovitz’s work, looking into the eyes of her daughter, it reveals this sense of potential in life…some form of curiosity that immediate draw the viewer in. How does Lebovitz’s exhibit connect with Jon Foreman on life and death to me? As a photographer, she is able to document some many things and yet capture the sense of emotion of that moment. I was intrigued by the celebrity shots of course, but also the ones wear she was a war photographer in Sarajevo, with blood splattered walls and even her personal photographs shows the creativity that can be documented in photography. I guess it just seems intriguing on the issue of death and how once reacts or deals with this issue. I guess I wish that one day I can make clothes, accessories or art, that make people think about deeper and meaning issues beyond its visual striking appearance. Who knows…

Making frugal food- Enchiladas

One of the most common ways that I find that people cut down on their spending as well as be creative is in their cooking. The immense popularity of shows like Masterchef, and the demand for celebrity chef cookbooks show that there is something special about making food from the heart. So faced with a lazy afternoon of trying yet again at my sewing projects, I decided to distract myself and make some food. Since I bought an enchilada kit weeks ago, I figured that there would be no better moment than to try it out. Having never had an enchilada before, it still invigorated my interest in Mexican food. I still ponder of those days sitting inside Chipotle at Briarwood Mall eating another burrito. Or sitting on Venice Beach contemplating going my journey home with a fish taco. I guess Mexican food and I have a lot of memories.
I was trying to create different angles in my shots, because my friend once told me that it would help improve my photography shots as well as form an interesting perspective from the usual point and shoot shots. Thoughts?

New Year, New Start

Looking in hindsight, 2010 has been a tough one, filled with its highs and lows. As a result, the question of my future is forgotten because one somehow gets emotionally and mentally caught up in the here and now. Nevertheless, it is strange enough that WordPress sends me an email encouraging me to once again blog. Reading the statistics, and hearing the responses from everyone has brought hope into my work and help me think of 2011 as a fresh start.

To look towards the future with positivity and pick up this blog with I had left behind. I hope that this year will be provide opportunity to demonstrate my design abilities and share it to the world. So please, keep an eye here and I’ll try and post my recent projects and things that I am working on.

I’ll leave you with an image of one of my recent design works. It was supposed to exotopic demonstrate of a pair of peonies, but in taking photos for my presentation, I fell in love with the contrast of the harsh colour of the black background with the delicate balsa wood peonies. It isn’t even glued together.I hope you like it!

Copper Love

From my previous posts, or if you are in my design classes, you can tell that I have a sudden interests in copper wire. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it is the feeling of molding metals between my fingers, the sharp contrast of the colour of the wire or the possibilities of what could be created with this wire, but I think (if I make the time for it) that I like to see what things that I could create with this.
So hear are just some images of my recent creations. My inspiration was horses, as I was interested in the use of animals and nature reflecting the golden section; whereby there is a defined ratio that makes natural objects appear just right. I just thought they looked pretty….i know I should probably spend more time doing research on my projects.

Let me know what you think! :)..if I could ever see myself in accessories design..

Design Project: Trees + Point, Line, Plane

It has been a long time since I have posted. I guess it has been due to my life being really busy with uni and hanging out with friends that making creative projects just seem to fall by the wayside. Even now, sometimes I feel as though that general procrastination wins over because it is easier. The difficulties of being a committed blogger. However, I thought I would display one of my projects that I have been pleased with and hopefully indicates the path of being a designer.

Fact about me: every since I was in year 8, I have always had a lingering fascination with trees. I blame my visual art teacher, who made us study trees and waves as part of the art topic. Every since then, I have always thought trees are beautiful. Lying underneath them staring through the cracks that are made between the branches and the leaves, exploring its surface from touching the bark, trees seem to provide some form of protection and cover from the busyness of the world. I was probably influenced by the Giving Tree from Shel Silverstein.

Forward to now, where I had to create a 2D and 3D project demonstrating point, line, plane project for Studio 1. I found my inspiration from this photograph of this above tree. I was drawn to the colours of red flowers of the tree and the bright contrast of the blue sky. So here is my final project completed.

Hopefully this would demonstrate the basic design theory of point, line and plane. It was kind of fun getting my hands into sewing textiles again.

My favourite part of the project is this tree. It is made from copper wire and then painted with red acrylic paint to match the red thread. I think my tutor like this part the best because of the intricate nature of the wire demonstrating the concept of line.

Let me know what you think. I thought it was fun project overall. I have since made a tote bag out of the point, line, plane project which I hopefully can use even more in the future.

Til another time, ciao!